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It was time to tidy up the website so superficially it has a new look. The content, however, remains much the same. The focus is on news and if anyone has a story they would like to see hear or would like to use the site to promote a village event then please send whatever you have to Although the site does not solicit advertising it would be quite easy to provide space for such activity. The header is designed to take an advertising banner where the old map is currently featured. It would also be quite easy to fit smaller ads on other parts of the pages. This could be done in return for donations to community organisations so it would effectively be sponsorship and not paid for advertising. If anyone has any comments on this course of action please use the box below. It would also be helpful to get feedback from users and community groups that have information on the site. Now is a good time to check your pages  and make sure everything is in order.

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