Viking Squares

Viking Squares was founded in 1984 by Jack Broadhurst who lives on Marston Lane. Jack continues to call on a regular basis for the club. Jack and his late wife June learnt to Square Dance and had been dancing a few years when Jack became interested in calling and decided he would like to try his hand.

After taking lessons from experienced callers Jack decided to form a club in the village. He named the club Viking Squares because at the time the Viking Way came through Allington via Marston Lane. (It has since been diverted because of the safety aspects of crossing the A.1. ) Vikings started off in a small way with mostly local people and at that stage Jack was only a couple of moves ahead of the dancers. However over the years many people from surrounding areas have learned to dance and lots continue to do so.

At the present time the club has in the region of some 30 plus members from as far afield as Lincoln, Bourne, Newark and Leicester who come regularly on Tuesday evenings to Allington Village hall to dance.

Vikings 30th party web

American Square Dancing is practised all over the world but is always called in English. Dancers from our club have danced in the U.S.A., Germany, and Spain and of course in many parts of this country. We are proud of the fact that Vikings is the only Square Dance Club in Lincolnshire and although only a small club we have had visiting dancers from Australia, U.SA. Germany and Scotland.

vikings-30th-party-2Members of Vikings also enjoy visiting neighbouring clubs; attend square dancing holidays and weekend breaks further afield. Club members also enjoy walks which often end with a pub meal. We like taking part in quizzes and we hold a B.B.Q. during the summer. All manner of occasions are celebrated with a ‘pot luck’ supper.

Strictly come dancing it’s not – Square dancing is a dance for people who say they can’t dance. It is open to all regardless of age. It provides mental and physical stimulation. NO previous experience necessary. NO dance steps to learn. NO fancy footwork to worry about. NO special dress – just a pair of comfy shoes. It’s just walking in time to the beat of the music. Square dancing brings people together for fun and friendship. It is a low cost activity that will keep your mind active and will add quality to your life.

If you want to get in touch with Viking Squares by email just use the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can ring Judy Grummitt on 01400 281497.

Why not come along and give it a go – you’ll be glad you did. Tuesday evenings Allington Village Hall – 7.45. – 10. 00 p.m. With a break for a tea or coffee and chat. Beginners are most welcome at any time -there is always someone available to lend a hand and help you get started.