Use of the MUGA During Coronavirus Pandemic

The following message is from Allington Parish Council.

Since the start of the emergency the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) has been closed and locked for the safety of local residents and others. Regrettably the fencing has suffered damage by irresponsible visitors climbing into the MUGA regardless of their own safety and that of others. In order to prevent further damage and avoid costly repairs, it has been decided to unlock the MUGA and resume its use provided all follow Government separation guidelines.   

No part of the MUGA, it’s fencing, gate or latch will be cleaned or disinfected at any time. Therefore, anyone entering the MUGA does so entirely at their own risk. Separation guidelines are currently: no more than two persons from the same household plus one other, maintaining two metres separation at all times.

Persons breaking these limits may be subject to prosecution but please consider the effect this may have on the safety of others.


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