Twinning With Tuffe Update

Following a recent meeting about our twinning arrangements with Tuffe Sue Ashby has posted the following to the Allington Facebook Group. If you want to contact Sue you can leave a message at the foot of this page.

Hi, I have been asked if I would put a message here about the Allington and Sedgebrook Twinning Assocation. The meeting went well at the weekend, but if there is anyone who missed the meeting and is interested you can get in touch with me for more information. Also, if anyone is interested in hosting, could you please let me know. Not tied to anything if you say you are interested (as dates haven’t been decided on yet), just trying to gauge interest. Maybe you would like the opportunity to learn a bit of french or I’m sure children would love the opportunity to meet other French children and boost their enthusiasm for learning another language. Below is some information about how a typical weekend would normally go.

A typical Twinning weekend.

Many people are anxious about the idea of hosting a family from our twinned village of Tuffé. Let us set your mind at rest and demonstrate how easy it can be.

When we have numbers and ages of our visitors, a list is made trying to pair them with similar age groups. This applies to both young ones and seniors.

Day 1: Our guests usually, but not always, arrive on a Thursday evening. They are usually dropped at the Village Hall, where they are met by the host families. If, as a host family you are working and cannot make the time of arrival, another host family will take your guests and take care of them until you come and collect them.

Day 2: Friday is usually a day with the family. You can take your guests shopping or walking, even for a lunch time pint at the Welby. Again, if you are working, another host family will take care of your guests for the day. It is even possible to share the hosting with a friend or neighbour. You work, friend/ neighbour do not, friend/neighbour may therefore be happy to take care of your guests until you return from work.

Day 3: On Saturday the committee, following previous discussion with host families, may have arranged a day out to a local landmark, e.g. Lincoln Cathedral, Belvoir Castle. As our visitors usually arrive in a coach, this is used for transporting those who wish to accompany such a visit. There is no obligation for anybody to do this, and you may prefer to make your own arrangements for your guests; host families often get together and make their own entertainment.

In the evening, there will be a party in the Village Hall, free and open to the whole village. Everybody, particularly host families, is invited to bring a dish for the table. This will be co-ordinated beforehand, just so we don’t get 300 sausage rolls.

Day 4: Sunday, guests usually depart, from the Village Hall around 7am and everyone can then go back to bed!

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