The History of Sedgebrook

We have been requested to provide a link to a superb online resource about the history of Sedgebrook. The website in question has been developed by Elizabeth Hampson. Here’s what Elizabeth has to say about it.

I have been interested in Family History for many years now, tracing my family name of Turney. I was at one time hoping I would find a connection with the Turney families from Sedgebrook, something that just hasn’t happened. I did however learn a great deal about the village and its connections, so much so that it seemed a waste to just have the material filed in books on a dusty shelf. I decided to make the material available to other historians via a web site and just like Topsy it has continued to grow. The more material I find the more is added to the web site. I hope it reflects a true account of the villagers and their lives. Its all there, the comical, the sad, the every day struggles of the individual families, the fortunes and the poverty. From newspaper reports to church records, school admissions and census, here is the reality of the village.

The History of Sedgebrook




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4 thoughts on “The History of Sedgebrook”

  1. I came across your site… I am a descendant of Martha Turney, who was a daughter of John Turney and Hannah Ragsdale, born in Sedgebrook in 1761. She married a John Morris (from London) in 1789, and their son, William Turney Morris emigrated to New South Wales back in 1828, where he established a cattle farming business, before dying in 1844 (and his attorney managed to take all of his money and property).

    Not sure if you are still monitoring this, but it was interesting to find your site.

    1. Hi Ken,

      Hopefully this comment isn’t too old to reply to.

      I am also descended from William Turney Morris – would love to hear more about him as we don’t have a lot of info. Please let me know if I can email you at all


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