SYNTAX and Brussels Sprouts

The date was Wednesday January 19th 2011. Syntax (without a name at this stage!) came into being and as we move into our fourth year it seems that the concept was the right thing at the right time with attendance averaging fifteen on every third Wednesday of the month. I say ‘attendance’ since there is no membership list or membership fees or indeed, any obligation to turn up.

Most of those who do so are present simply because of a shared love of literature in all its forms and come to read a piece of poetry, a small article or passage from a book –(be it humorous, serious or thought provoking), or simply to come and listen.


Our (very informal) A.G.M. is to be held on January 15th – and we’d like you to come, if only to get a flavour of what it’s all about. You won’t have to do anything!


Brussels sprouts! “how do you know that you don’t like brussels sprouts until you’ve tried them!”

It’s the same with SYNTAX – come along at 8.00pm on 15th , have a cup of tea, enjoy a chat and maybe give us some fresh ideas.

The year 2014 will follow the general pattern of previous years. There will be the usual, varied readings, a couple of guest authors or poets and maybe a visit to the theatre. Whatever we do it’s always jolly good fun!

If you want to know more about us or want an evening out that’s a little bit different and where you’ll feel hugely welcome, telephone Peter on 281084.

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