Superfast Broadband – You Can Help – Updated 26/07/2012

broadbandUpdate – 26 July 2012. When this article was first published three months ago Allington had over 20 registrations at Onlincolnshire. We now have 84 including 4 businesses and 5 community organisations. This is good news but we can’t stop now. If you know anyone who hasn’t registered please ask them to do so. You can also register more than one person at a household if you have more than one email address. Please take advantage of this. Lincolnshire County Council has confirmed that the new contracts are on schedule to be let by the end of this year. Let’s make sure that Allington is high on the list of candidates for superfast broadband.

Allington’s broadband is atrocious. If we had decent provision we could take advantage of new media services such as Netflix, use the BBC iPlayer whenever we wanted and watch You Tube videos without waiting for them to download. Good speeds would allow everyone in a family to connect to the internet simultaneously and people would be more confident about working from home. New tele-health services are being developed and it is almost impossible to predict the nature of online services that will appear in the near future. What can be predicted is the impossibility of accessing any of these services in Allington unless something is done to improve the current broadband speeds.

Next year will see the roll out of new superfast broadband right across the UK. In Lincolnshire contracts worth £53m will be let later this year. The new services will provide speeds in excess of 24mb/s downstream which is nearly 50 times faster than the current speeds found in Allington. So will we get the new service? The answer isn’t yet known. It is anticipated that the £53m will provide for 90% of Lincolnshire’s population. The remaining 10% are promised a minimum speed of 2mb/s. All of this has to be achieved by May 2015. The 90/10 split will only be determined when the contracts are let. The companies bidding will have to weigh up a range of factors in order to decide where they can spend the money to greatest effect. One of these factors is likely to be the number of people that have registered an interest in superfast broadband. You do that at When you get there you’ll find as big “register your interest” button at the top of the home page. Registering does not commit you to anything. It is in everyone’s interest to get these services into the village, whether it be for the new services, your child’s education or to maintain the value of your property. Can I therefore urge everyone to visit Onlincolnshire and register. The site provides lots of information about broadband and once registered you can access the forums which are well worth a visit.

If you have any questions or comments please use the comments box below. I will respond.

John Slater

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