The Parish Council have received several complaints about groups of bikers riding through the village and nearby unadopted lanes, causing disturbance and damaging the environment.

When challenged the Riders state they are riding on a public highway and therefore not breaking any laws. They are correct in that riding adopted and unadopted lanes is not breaking the law, however, riding recklessly and causing damage is considered to be antisocial behaviour and is against the law. This is covered by the ‘Lincolnshire Anti-Social Behaviour Partnership Strategy’ which includes the following:

Nuisance – Individuals or incidents that cause trouble, annoyance, inconvenience, offence or suffering to people in the local community in general.

Environmental – Incidents and inconsiderate actions which impact on the surroundings including the natural, built and social environments.

All incidents of this nature should be reported to Lincolnshire Police and the Parish Council has just one voice when making such complaints. However, if these incidents are reported
to the Police by every individual who encounters anti-social behaviour of this kind, as a Community we may be able to stop it happening.

Reporting Anti-Social behaviour to the Police can be reported in two ways:
By telephone:

  1. Ring 101 (non-urgent Police line)
    Listen to messages and press 2 for Anti-Social Behaviour Then press 3 – reporting Anti-Social Behaviour This will connect directly with the Police Line and the report can be made.

  2. – reporting a non-urgent incident online This will take you step-by-step through filing the report.

Having spoken to Lincolnshire Police regarding the reporting procedure, they ask for as much information as possible in order to find and stop the perpetrators.

Please send all or as much as possible of the following information:
Dates – Time of Day – Places / Location – damage or danger incurred.
Registration numbers Bikes or Vehicles.
Descriptions of Riders / Drivers, including clothing, ages, build etc.
Makes and models of Bikes / Vehicles.
Any mobile telephone photographs if possible.

Together we may be able to stop this happening in our Village.

John Plummer
Allington Parish Council

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