Mobile Library Service

The Parish Council has received notification from Lincolnshire County Council about some changes to the mobile library service. The following is an extract from LCC’s letter.

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) is currently in the process of renewing arrangements for provision of vehicles to be used within the Mobile Library Service and I wanted to make you aware of the alterations that this entails.

The authority’s three large mobile libraries are coming to the end of their lease agreement with LCC and need to be replaced. The current lease provider is unable to provide a like for like replacement and so the larger vehicles will cease operation. In future, the council will be using smaller, more environmentally-friendly vans to serve the current stops across Lincolnshire. Not only are the new and improved vehicles cleaner and greener, but they are also far more practical for our narrow, rural lanes, which can be challenging for the larger mobiles.

The service will be selecting the books held in each vehicle so that they match the interests of customers along that particular route. People can also make sure they get the ones they’re after by reserving them in advance, either online or by speaking to staff during their stop. There is no intention to move the stops that are served, however Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), the providers of the service, may need to review the days or times of the stops, to meet regulations regarding mileage. Any amendments will be communicated to you in due course.

For areas with the slightly busier stops, LCC working in collaboration with GLL will explore the possibilities for the creation of community book deposits. This may entail working jointly with you to identify potential venues and review the opportunities this could bring for all parties.

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