Jubilee Event – Allington Sports Car Owners Club

This year’s car show will form part of the Jubilee weekend activities. In fact there will be three car shows, merging to form one spectacular event. One of them will feature Allington’s very own Sports Car Owners’ Club. Terry Carney takes up the story.

In late summer 2019 at a gathering in the pub “where else” a few of us with convertible cars discussed the idea of trips out for a picnic or lunch. This led on to the idea of forming yet another club in the village and what to call it  and after some contrived thinking ASCOC was born.

Apart from one cold spring outing Covid has stopped us meeting up to now but we do have plans for a gathering in April.

We have a mix of modern and older classic 2 seater convertibles and would welcome anyone with similar interesting cars to join us.

We look forward to seeing you on the playing field on Sunday 5th June with or without a car of interest.

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