Downtown Grantham Designer Outlet – Updated

The proposals for the possible development of a Designer Shopping Village at Gonerby Moor are nearing the initial planning stage. Sue Ashby from Allington is meeting Oldrid’s Financial Director on Friday 22 September. If anyone has any questions/issues you want Sue to raise you can contact her on 01400 283190 or email: For more information on the proposals have a look at the Designer Outlet website.

Following the meeting Sue has provided the following feedback.

“Hi, had a very constructive meeting with Peter Isaac the Finance Director yesterday who was very knowledgeable about the village. Spent over an hour with him going through all the issues/ideas that have been mentioned to me. I gave him a list of everything that has been mentioned and we went through all of it. He says that he wants to work with us as a “neighbour” to try and sort out any issues regarding the proposals. They have quite a few employees that live in the village and do not want people to think that they do not care. He said that he cannot promise any of the things but will go away and discuss it with their people and Highways etc to see what is achievable. He is still willing to come and have a meeting with the village with the other Directors at some point as well. Things that were discussed and are going to be looked into are:-

Signs directing traffic to Downtown on the A52 via the A1 and also signs on the A52 and Gonerby junctions saying Village access only.

Some kind of traffic calming measures whether it be a chicane type calming measure on Sedgebrook Road and Bottom Street, or speed bumps where they are not going to be outside people’s property i.e from Peach Lane to the first bungalows.

He said he can guarantee that construction traffic will not be allowed to come through the village as they will be given a map and told where to avoid. We will have a direct line through to them and if anyone is reported going through there will be consequences. He said the same also applies to traffic delivering to the outlets as they will be leasing these units from them.

Having the weight limit reduced.

Moving the speed sign away from Peach Lane.

The fact that the road is not gritted in winter.

He said that he does not want to have us having increased traffic through Allington having put to him the fact that the roads are in such a state already and the amount of traffic we have already, the safety of children and school etc. People need to be discouraged from coming through, whether by chicanes so that people think I’ve got to slow down several times and it will be quicker to carry on and go down the A1.

People have mentioned about it killing Grantham. A separate matter from the village but was discussed. If the development went to the other site then there would be three locations competing against each other. He said that they want to work with the town centre and the units they will have there are not going to be ones that you would normally find in Grantham. They are having leisure facilities but not a cinema as Grantham is building a new one. They will have tourist information and it is hoped that people might come and stay in the area and spend time in Grantham as well.

The height of the multi-storey car park they are proposing was discussed. He does not know the height but said that it will be four storeys maximum and is going behind the outlets. There will greenery to screen the car park.

I will let everyone know what he has to say when he comes back to me.!

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1 thought on “Downtown Grantham Designer Outlet – Updated”

  1. The sooner the better this is up and running the better Lincolnshire needs jobs and infostructure and the town of Grantham is OK if you want a hair cut take away or visit a charity shop

    The rail link gives Grantham a life line no doubt not all share my views but if we don’t develope jobs the the future looks poor and whilst retail is changing then better to see if it can attract leisure related businesses as well

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