Community Led Planning

Some time ago the Community Led Plan (CLP) steering group undertook a  village survey to help shape the future of the village. The response was impressive and the analysis of the raw data  represented a huge challenge. The steering group has produced an initial analysis document which was originally intended to inform a further process of consultation via community meetings. It was also hoped to refine the document to identify the ideas which were not only popular, but achievable too. Mel Cant has been leading the steering group and has put a lot of effort into the creation of the analysis document. You can download a copy using the link below.

The steering group is keen to make progress but is being held back by the lack of volunteer time available. If you look at the document you will see what a substantial piece of work the survey led to. We now need further assistance to take it forward with some extra analysis and general help. Please use the  comments box below to give us some feedback on the document or to let us know if you would like to help take the plan forward.


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2 thoughts on “Community Led Planning”

  1. I feel the analysis needs summerising so that it is more friendly to study. It is quite difficult to wade through (you probably know all this). Would it be useful, may be, to invite people from the various societies and groups to a meeting; to discuss the results – what facilities the village already has and the things people would like for the future. Some requests didn’t seem very practical – probably things that people should set up for themselves. We need to know what’s needed for a future plan. Perhaps a smaller meeting of invited people would be useful to get the ball rolling. I would be willing to be part of that, but it isn’t anything I could do on my own.
    Gill Towers

  2. Thanks Gill for your helpful comments. Yes we need a small group of people not parish councillors to create a wish list from the analysis, it can then be decided who, individuals or groups or the Parish council should take the appropriate action.
    Would Allington News or Village linkk be able to initiate the first meeting? Or is there some one outthere who could take on this project which need not last for ever.
    Helen Taylor

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