Community Led Plan – Get Your Copy

Allington’s community led plan is now available for download. The plan covers a broad range of issues that residents have voiced support and concern about. It details options and ideas for the ongoing development of our village and will undoubtedly provoke discussion in the coming months. You can get your copy by using the link below.



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2 thoughts on “Community Led Plan – Get Your Copy”

  1. Having read the Plan I have just two comments.
    Firstly the Call Connect bus is not the only bus service to the village. Centrebus run a service. There are early morning ones and teatime ones – the buses that were cut were the weekday ones more suitable for shopping.These still run on Saturdays. See the latest Allinton News for the time table. It would be useful to have something about how to call the Call Connect in Allington News.
    The other thing was the positioning of the school on the Green. I had thought it was opposite the jitty to the old church yard. However I may be completely wrong as I have no way of checking. Somewhere there is or was a photo – perhaps the History Society have the old photos originally collected and given to the village by the late Mrs Bailey.
    Gill Towers, The Green

  2. Hi Gill. Does this help. Allington School

    It’s a link to the school photo on the lincstothepast website. I’ve ordered a copy but I don’t think I’ll be allowed to publish it on the website.


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