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A Recipe From Allington W.I.

Contributed by: Santa.


1 onion
675 g sausage meat
1 egg
400g packet filo pastry ( can use frozen, just thawed)
50g butter
2 Tbsp oil


Finely chop onion, mix into sausage meat with egg and seasoning.
Put mixture into piping bag with large plain tube. – one of those cheap plastic disposable Pound Shop ones and cut off end is great
Unroll one sheet of pastry – keep rest covered so doesn’t dry out
Heat butter and oil until butter melts.
Pipe a line of sausage meat along one long edge of pastry.
Brush rest of sheet lightly with melted butter mixture.
Roll up.
Brush top of each roll with a little more butter and oil.
Repeat with remaining pastry.
Snip into bite sized pieces; they look good cut on the diagonal

Cook 400˚F, 200˚C, Fan 180˚C Gas 6 for 15 min until golden brown.


Makes about 200

To make ahead: poly box after rolling up. Seal, label and freeze. Use within one month.
To serve, thaw at room temperature for 2 hours. Continue with brushing top with oil and butter mixture.

For a change do some with chutney or caramelised onions.

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