Lincolnshire County Council has announced its plans for the roll out of superfast broadband. After a year of campaigns and consultation it has been revealed that BT has been awarded a contract to deliver the new services. The County broadband plan aims to deliver superfast broadband to 90% of the county’s residents by sometime in 2015. The good news is that Allington will be part of those plans. It’s a little bit disappointing to find that the work in our area is not scheduled until January/March 2016. At the moment it is also unclear who won’t be getting the new speeds.

The announcement and all available information can be found at You can use a tool called “my area” to undertake a postcode search. This only goes as far as the NG322E postcode. The final letter to give truly local information doesn’t work. Hopefully it will in the future. Right now it tells us this based on a search for NG322EE.

Result for: NG32 2E

What’s planned for my area?

Onlincolnshire will be bringing superfast broadband to your area.

What speed will I get?

Based on County Council projections, the 1743 premises in NG32 2E should receive the following speeds:
– 22% of Premises can get Basic Broadband.
– 78% of Premises can get Superfast Broadband.

More detail will be available for your postcode (NG32 2EE) once work starts. Please note that due to the complexity of bringing superfast broadband to Lincolnshire, all details are subject to change.

When will Superfast Broadband be available for my area?

Your area is in Phase 8, so improved broadband should be available between January 2016 andMarch 2016

Of most concern will be the fact that 22% of residents will still be getting basic broadband although what we put up with now is probably worse than basic. Nonetheless there is hope. The County broadband plan also states that those residents not in the initial tranche of superfast delivery will receive the service by 2017. It will be interesting to see if plans emerge to make good on this promise.


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