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A project aiming to transform Lincolnshire’s broadband ‘not-spots’ into ‘hot-spots’ has netted a multi-million pound grant.

Lincolnshire County Council has received £14,310,000 in Government funding to help improve broadband services in the county. The money was granted as part of a national drive to ensure that 90 per cent of homes and businesses have access to superfast broadband by 2015.

Councillor Eddy Poll, Executive Member for Economic Development, said:
“This money will help kick-start the rollout of first-class broadband across the county. Fast broadband isn’t a luxury – it’s vital to business growth, to enabling local residents to access online services, and to young people wanting to download learning materials.”

“This grant will give greater Internet speeds for a significant number of properties. We’ll then work on community-led solutions to improve things for the remaining homes and businesses. That way, we’ll ensure that Lincolnshire’s not left behind as we move into the digital age.”

The grant will be supplemented by both public and private sector investment, and is intended to help households that are not expected to have superfast broadband made available by the private sector.

Residents can help encourage commercial suppliers to invest in next generation broadband infrastructure in Lincolnshire by registering their support at

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