Allington’s Digital Archive

Photographs and pre-1900 land records in the possession of the Allington and Sedgebrook History Society have been digitized using a digital camera and a scanner and uploaded to this website and to Flickr.

The original photographs have been protected as best as can be done in a normal building using conservation methods (Melinex® pockets inside a conservation standard box, from Conservation by Design)

Two hard copies were made for use for display and to be used for further copies thereby reducing the risk of damage to the originals.

The original land deeds dating from 1686 onwards are to be deposited in the Lincolnshire Archives as they are fragile and in need of professional storage.  The deed from 1857 was retained, as this was in good condition and could still be used for display.  This may also be transferred to the Archive if needed.

The cost of conservation materials and photocopying was met by a grant from Allington Parish Council and thank you also to Jo Barnett for the use of her scanner.  Tom Swain kindly photographed the land documents.

The history of the material is mainly unknown.  It is hoped that visitors to the site will shed light on the stories and people behind the photographs by adding their own comments and thereby built up a photo-history of Allington village.

© Jannette Mole

Editor’s Note: These images have been reduced in size and compressed for the web. Some have been digitally enhanced. You can see them on the history page. All the documents that have been scanned, together with the images, can be seen in their original resolution on the Allington Flickr account.  

If anyone wants to contribute photos we would be happy to add them to this collection and feature them on the website. Please see the about page for details on how to submit material.


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  1. Hi we are just in the process of buying Rookery Cottage on The Green and wondered if anyone has any history of the property, when it was built, any pictures etc

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