Allington W.I. Oct/Nov 2016

“Knitting and Natter” was the subject of the October meeting when members knitted baby clothes for Nottingham Premature Baby Unit. Even non-knitters “had a go” at clicking the needles while chatting about this and that, something they don’t usually have time for. It proved to be a most enjoyable evening.

liz-a-bailey-and-jean-townsend-nov-16By way of a contrast November brought a welcome return visit from Historian Jean Townsend. Members and visitors listened intently to stories of Local ghosts, myths and legends, saying that Myths are fables, not really factual, legends may have an element of truth, but like Chinese whispers become changed over time. There is no proof that ghosts exist, neither is there proof that they don’t but thousands of people have claimed to have seen them, including some highly intelligent people.
Jean told of how the village wise woman could easily be known as a white witch as she cured villagers of their ills with herbal potions and spells which actually worked. She was said to be a witch out of ignorance but many were in fact burned at the stake!
Stories of the Witches of Belvoir, the notorious Flower Sisters; Lady Ann Smith, the Cat woman of Edmondthorpe; the witch of Leadenham Bridge, Old Meg at Byard’s Leap, Ancaster and the black monk and treasure of Newstead Abbey held everyone spellbound. Goose bumps were strongly felt
Jean concluded her talk with two slides of ghosts, both of which had been authenticated. An absolutely fascinating talk.

Bridget Farr

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