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Allington Morris celebrated its 25th anniversary in July last year with the splendid Strictly come Morris event in the village.

The team came together as an attraction at the then Allington Gala Day and has continued for 25 years entertaining locally and attending countrywide Morris events. The side attracted both dancers and musicians not only from the village but from a wide area. Unfortunately this season we are now becoming too small to be viable and it has been decided that if our numbers are not swelled in time for May Day we will sadly have to hang up our bells and baldricks . Allington Morris will be a tradition lost.

WE NEED NEW MEMBERS!! To enable the team to continue to dance we need at least two new dancing members to join us.

Allington Morris is a friendly mixed village side. The dancing keeps you fit, its fun and usually ends with a well earned drink at the Welby. Don’t think you have to be an expert!! Your enthusiasm will make up for any lack of fitness or co-ordination. In fact the majority of our existing dancers had no experience before joining the side.

Allington Morris Lincoln

We are holding new member sessions every Thursday from 6th February onwards in the village hall 8.15 until 9.45pm. Why don’t you put on your trainers, come along and give us a try or just come along to watch and have a chat.

If by the 1st May, we have no new members, then Allington Morris will fold and our traditional first dance out of the season at the Welby will be our last performance.

[yellow_box]ALLINGTON MORRIS NEEDS YOU. You can contact us via our webpage or contact Mary by email or phone01400 281671.[/yellow_box]

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