Parish Council AGM Minutes May 2014

Allington Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council’s Annual General Meeting held in the village hall
Wednesday 14 May 2014

Present: Councillor Taylor Councillor Hubbard
Councillor McKinlay Councillor Bosworth
Councillor Cant Councillor Cragg
Councillor Jackson Sharon Milne (clerk)

Also present: 5 villagers including:
Sharon Andrews – LIVES co-ordinator
Theresa Tanner & Cathy Green – VHMC
Ted Berth-Jones – History Society representative

1. Election of Chairman

1.1 Cllrs Jackson and Taylor were both nominated and seconded to act as Chairman for the forthcoming year. A vote was taken and Cllr Jackson received 3 votes and Cllr Taylor 2, so Cllr Jackson will be Chairman for the year 2014/15.
2. Election of Vice Chairman

1.2 Cllrs Taylor and Cant were both nominated and seconded to act as Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year. A vote was taken and Cllr Taylor received 3 votes and Cllr Cant 2, so Cllr Taylor will be Vice Chairman for the year 2014/15.
3. Chairman’s remarks

3.1 The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming.
4. Apologies

4.1 County Councillor Paul Wood sent his apologies he was at another AGM for a neighbouring Parish Council.
5 Declarations of Interest

5.1 No declarations of interest were made.
6 Appointment of other offices and committees

6.1 It was agreed that councillors would continue to work on the same advisory groups. Cllrs Cant, Hubbard, Bosworth would sit on the Planning Consultation Advisory Group and Cllrs McKinlay, Taylor, Cragg and Jackson would sit on the Playing Field Advisory Group.
7 Dates of Parish Council meetings for the ensuing year

7.1 The Council will meet on the following dates:

Wednesday 14 May 14
Wednesday 9 July 14
Wednesday 10 Sept 14
Wednesday 12 Nov 14
Wednesday14 January 15
Wednesday 11 March 15

7.2 The date for the next Annual Parish meeting is Wednesday 8 April 2015.
8 Review of Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

8.1 New Standing Orders were agreed following new model orders from NALC published earlier in the year. New Financial Regulations were also agreed following new regulations. The new financial regulations now allow for payments by BACS.
9 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 12 March 2014

9.1 The minutes were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
10 Annual Parish Meeting feedback

10.1 The Annual Parish Meeting held in April went well but the number of villagers in attendance was low when considering the number of residents in the village. Cllrs wondered what could be done to encourage more attendees next year. This would be discussed further at one of the Parish Council meetings leading up to next year’s Annual meeting.
11 Grants for the year 2014/15

11.1 The following grants were agreed unanimously:

a) £1000 to the Village Hall Management Committee to help keep letting fees low,
b) £25 to the Village shop to help with the upkeep of the shop’s notice board.
12 Donations for the year 2014/15

12.1 The following donations, payable under LGA s137, were proposed and agreed unanimously:

a) £50 – Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance,
b) £50 – to the Church
13 Correspondence received since the meeting held on 12 March 14

13.1 The Council has sent and received correspondence on the following:

a) Came & Company insurance renewal
b) Correspondence from Sedgebrook PC re: History Society funds
c) Audit return – Grant Thornton
d) Best Kept Village entry details
e) Various arboriculturalist quotes for felling and pruning of trees in Park Road / Park Avenue area
f) Electoral review of South Kesteven recommendations

All correspondence will be circulated to Councillors as usual.

14 Representations made to the Parish Council since the agenda has been set

14.1 The progress of the restoration of the village cross was mentioned. Cllr Bosworth stated that any work on the village cross, which is a scheduled monument, has to have approval from English Heritage. The first stage is to obtain a ‘condition survey’ so that an assessment can be made of what repair works are required and to progress the ‘Scheduled Monument Consent’ that is required before any work can be done.

14.2 It was agreed that Cllr Bosworth should progress the matter by getting a Statement of Condition survey done which would cost approximately £300. (Action point: AB)

14.3 The village cross will be put on the next Parish Council meeting agenda. (Action point: clerk)
15 Trees in Park Road / Park Avenue open area

15.1 The clerk informed Councillors that she had sought advice from SKDC’s arboriculturist regarding the trees in the open area off of Park Road and Park Avenue. There are nine trees in this area, one of which, a Lime tree, was deemed to be a dead and a possible safety risk.

15.2 Various quotes had been sought by the clerk with tree surgeons for pruning and felling of trees. It was agreed unanimously that the clerk would arrange for the felling of the dead Lime tree by the tree surgeon with the cheapest quote. This is a good-will gesture by the Parish Council, in view of the safety risk posed by leaving it untouched, as the trees’ owner(s) are unknown. (Action point: clerk)

15.3 In the opinion of SKDC’s arboriculturist, the other trees in the area do not need felling and therefore any work undertaken on them would need approval as they all have tree protection orders.
16 Noticeboard

16.1 In view of the potential cost of a new noticeboard the Chairman moved this agenda item back so that Village Hall matters could be discussed first (see minute 17.6 for notice board discussion)
17 Village Hall

17.1 Cathy Green, VHMC Treasurer, explained how the Village Hall’s income has fallen and running costs in particular fuel for heating, has increased. She has genuine concerns about the Village Hall’s future without more income.

17.2 The VHMC has two short term goals 1) to provide secondary/double glazing and 2) to provide draft curtains to doors. Both would impact on saving fuel. The current price of fuel being purchased by the VHMC is good. Beyond these two projects there are other refurbishment and building improvement costs necessary to keep the village hall maintained for users.

17.3 After discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council would give the VHMC a further £500, over and above the grant already agreed at minute 11.1(a). To help towards the glazing and curtaining. (Action point: clerk)

17.4 Following a discussion at the Annual Parish Meeting in April, about the future of the village hall, it was suggested that in future years the Parish Council could consider raising the precept in order to help the village hall financially. This way all villagers would be contributing a small amount each month towards its upkeep. This would be discussed in more detail at a future meeting, prior to the 2015/16 precept being set. (Action point: clerk)

17.5 The noticeboard item now was discussed –

17.6 Despite enquiries, the clerk and Councillors had received no further quotes for a new noticeboard. Councillors therefore reviewed the initial quotes received in February and agreed unanimously to go ahead with the purchase of a new oak noticeboard. It will be ordered and installed as soon as possible. (Action point: clerk)

18.1 Sharon Andrews, Allington LIVES co-ordinator, updated the Parish Council on the LIVES responders group. The group is now 4 years old. There are 5 responders, two of which have progressed to Level 3. On average there have been 25 call-outs a year, of which only 2% have been within Allington and Sedgebrook villages.

18.2 The East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) has made changes in the way it responds to 999 calls and nowadays it has more Grade 4 medical staff responding in cars rather than ambulances. This means that EMAS are able to get to more calls and the LIVES responders are being stood down once they reach the patient more often.

18.3 Responding to a point that was raised at the Annual Parish Meeting regarding villagers having access to a defibrillator if there was no LIVES responder on duty. It was noted that LIVES can provide and maintain defibrillators at fixed points (with a power source) which can be accessed by a member of public by a code given out when a 999 call is made. However, there must always be two persons present for the code to be released. Having fixed point defibrillators is something that may be worth discussing in the future. The LIVES co-ordinator will keep the Parish Council updated with the group’s thoughts.
19 History Society

19.1 Ted Berth-Jones reported formally on the winding up of the History Society. Lack of support has made the group no longer viable. It was suggested and agreed that outstanding monies from the group’s accounts would be passed to the Parish Council and should villagers in the future wish to resurrect the group the funds could be used again.

19.2 Sedgebrook Parish Council would similarly be given the funds that they have contributed to the group that are unspent as well as the old rent books that belong to their village.

19.3 Cllrs expressed their sadness at the demise of the History Society.
20 Speeding traffic on through roads

20.1 Cllr Taylor spoke about an effective speeding deterrent that she had seen in another village. On wheelie bin day all bins had ‘30mph’ stickers on the sides of them. This was apparently a very effective reminder for motorist travelling through.

20.2 The clerk would make enquiries from LCC as to where these stickers came from. (Action point: clerk)
21 Playing field matters

21.1 Cllr McKinlay reported back on the recent Playing field advisory group meeting.

21.2 The Community Wood licence has been finalised and the wood can now be developed. 120 saplings have already been planted there. Thanks to the team of volunteers who did this work. It is planned that the wood will be cleared and the debris used for the bonfire in the autumn. Volunteer wardens are being sought to keep an eye on the new wood.

21.3 All plans are going well for the annual Party in the Park. This year the bands will be The Kommitments and The Atlantics. The event will be on 26 July.

21.4 Early June the goalpost will be removed from the MUGA and the tennis net will be put up. Prices for smaller goalpost to be put on the field are being sought for those that wish to continue playing football in the summer months.

21.5 The QEII Field in Trust plaque needs to be installed. The clerk would get a quote for a brick plinth to house the plaque, and a decision can be made as to where the plinth should be sited. (Action point: clerk)

21.6 An enquiry has been made by the Secretary of Allington Gardens’ Residents Association (AGRA) asking whether they could use the field for a ‘Bat and Trap’ event. Cllrs agreed that this would be a good event and hoped that it would be well supported. The clerk would confirm this with the AGRA Secretary. (Action point: clerk)
22 Planning matters

22.1 Applications received and determined since the last Parish council meeting on 12 March 2014:

• Approval – 66 Park Road, reduce Horse Chestnut and two Lime trees
• Approval – 48 Park Road, erection of pitched roof over existing front projection
• Application- 3 Sedgebrook Road, demolition of existing bungalow and erection of replacement

22.2 It was noted that the container in the front garden of 10 Park Avenue had been removed.
23 Financial matters

21.1 The clerk reported on the income and outgoings since the last meeting on 12 March 14:


• Precept – £15k
• Grant for Community Cleaner – £328.12
• GYFC hire – £332
• Bank interest – £2.13
Total £ 15,662.25


• PE Hempstead – £129.98
• HMRC – £133.00
• Electricity – £35.51
• Christmas tree electricity – £6.42
• APM refreshments – £30.73
• Brown & Co Community wood licence – £330
• Village Hall hire 2013/14 – £113.00
• Playing field caretaker expenses – £13.10
• Best Kept Village entry (CPRE) – £15.00

Total £ 806.74
All payments were retrospectively approved unanimously.

21.2 The clerk presented the Statement of Accounts to the Council for the year 2013/14. The accounts were approved for submission to the external auditors subject to an internal audit first. (Action point: clerk)

21.3 The clerk asked for authority to pay by BACS, and record in the accounts her and the village caretakers’ salaries throughout the year as necessary. This was agreed unanimously. Authority to continue to pay other bills by BACS and the electricity bill for the Playing Field by direct debit was also agreed.

21.4 The bank mandate was reviewed. The authorised signatories will remain as Cllrs Taylor, Hubbard, McKinlay, Bosworth and Cant.

21.5 Cllrs agreed the annual insurance from Aviva as well as a 3 year long term agreement. The long term agreement reduces this year’s annual premium from £802.42 to £762.30 (a 5% reduction) with reduced premiums until 31st May 2017. The clerk will renew accordingly. (Action point: clerk)
22 Any other business for future meetings

22.2 These items would be put on the agenda for the July meeting:

a) Village Hall matters
b) The village cross
23 Date of next meeting

23.1 The next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday 9 July 14 at 7.30pm.

Signed: —————————————- (Chairman)

Date: ________________________

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